DX & Contest : 10am-Noon : Salon A-B-C

The Central Texas DX & Contest Club, widely recognized for its excellent Summerfest presentations, has yet another outstanding program lined up for us

 ctdxcc logo-2We will have 2 great speakers this year: Dr. Bob Schmieder KK6EK whose topic will be "Heard Island 2016: How DXA will help you make your QSO", and Dick Weber K5IU whose toipc will be "Contesting & DX Antennas for Restricted Lots". Both of these guys have very impressive credentials in Ham Radio and their business life - see their QRZ.com pages for more info.






Friday Night from 6 to 8pm and again on Saturday 8 to 10AM in the Private Dining room, Larry Hammel K5OT with CTDXCC will be hosting a CW Contest. Come by and try your hand on the key.


The CTDXCC club is going to be giving out a number of super prizes to it's forum visitors,

which include a Begali Key,Gift Certificates from Elecraft, M2, Heil,

DX Engineering, the ARRL, INRAD, and others.

You must be present at the CTDXCC program to win these fine prizes.