Grounding, Bonding, Safety / Computers in the Shack : 1-3pm : Lone Star I


Grounding, Bonding, Safety, and RFI

Bill K8TE's presentation will first cover safety, both for you and your gear.

Proper bonding will aid that safety as well has help ensure a cleaner HF transmit signal.

Both can aid in preventing radio frequency interference (RFI) on both transmit and receive, a big headache for many of us.




Computers in the HF Shack

It’s 2019 and you need a computer in your HF shack for numerous reasons.

These include Electronic Logging, DX Spotting, Logbook of the World (LotW), Rig Control, Radio Firmware, Updates, etc.

Bill’s presentation covers the value and advantage of these and more.





k8teBill Mader, K8TE, became New Mexico’s Section Manager on 1 July, 2018.

He’s the former SEC, is a member of the Sandoval County ARES, and is the current president of the Albuquerque DX Association.

Licensed since 1960, Bill has been active in many aspects of amateur radio. He currently focuses on serving all NM hams, chasing DX, and contesting.

He often hits the road for hamfests/conventions from coast-to-coast as well as enjoys portable operations for state QSO parties, and especially Field Day. Bill enjoys sharing his love of the hobby by giving presentations on its various technical and operational aspects across the Southwest U.S. at venues such as QuartzFest, Ham-Com, the International DX Convention, and the Duke City Hamfest and Convention.

He is on the Board of Directors for the DCHF where he has organized and presented HF University and HF Academy, among other presentations.

He often speaks at local club meetings and expects to visit many more across NM during his tenure as Section Manager.