Austin Ionosonde  : 10-11AM : Lone Star I

The Austin Ionosonde is one of 120 HF Ionosondes located throughout the world.

It has been providing real-time HF propagation data every 5 minutes to the general amateur and military communities since August 2012.

The function of this typical Ionosonde, its hardware characteristics, interpretations of its data products, and finally the details of its construction will be discussed.




w5ifqLewis Thompson W5IFQ is a Senior Engineering Scientist (mostly retired) for Applied Research Laboratories, University of Texas at Austin.

During his 44 years of employment, he worked in the areas of underwater acoustics, and radio communications.

He has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1961 and is licensed Extra Class.

He held amateur radio positions including President of the Austin Amateur Radio Club, RACES District Radio Operator (DRO-62) and Assistant Emergency Coordinator for TCARES.

He joined Texas Army MARS in 2006 and served as State MARS Director from 2009 to 2011.

He is a Warrant Officer in the MARS detachment of the Texas State Guard and currently is the MARS Liaison to the Texas Military Forces.