ARCHES Forum : 11AM-Noon : Austin Room

Lee Cooper W5LHC, West Gulf Division Vice Director, and Ron Weaver, Preparedness Director for CATRAC, host a session on ARCHES


Help ares-logoWanted! Regional Hospital Emergency Communication System (ARCHES)

The ARCHES program is a regional mission of Amateur Radio in a majority of the hospitals in the Central Texas Area.


The program has been in existence since 2003 and was implemented to provide both a primary and secondary role in providing communications between hospitals and local emergency managers during mass casualty events.


As a service to local emergency management agencies, the Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council (CATRAC) and the various hospital networks, the ARCHES program is one of the more important services Amateur Radio provides to our community. CATRAC


The program is always seeking volunteers in both an operator and technical support roles throughout District 7. Come learn about the program and how you can be of service. Come hear about the program and how you can help.


Lee Cooper W5LHC

W5LHCLee Cooper, W5LHC, is currently the Vice Director for the West Gulf Division.

Prior he held the position of Section Manager for the South Texas Section for nine years.

He has also been the Public Information Coordinator and an Assistant Director for Emergency Communications.

Lee is also a member of FEMA Region 6 Regional Emergency Communications Work Group (RECWG) and a founding member of the TDEM Communications Coordination Group. He is currently interim Regional Liaison to CATRAC for the ARCHES program.




 RonWeaverRon Weaver is the Preparedness Director for the Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council (CATRAC), and coordinates operations for the 29 counties in Health Care Coalition Regions L, M, N, and O.

During the years before joining CATRAC, Ron was with St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, working in capacities ranging from Director of Inpatient Rehab to his final position as the hospital’s Emergency Management Coordinator and Director of Risk Management and Security.

Ron brings a diverse background to CATRAC through his prior experience in law enforcement, criminal and coroner’s investigation, emergency medical response, and occupational therapy.

From 2007 to 2011, he was part of the Capital Area Public Health and Medical Preparedness Coalition (CPHMPC), where he served as the Chair of both the Combined Regional Exercise Planning and Communications committees. Because of his passion for these areas, he was named one of the Austin American Stateman’s Health Care Heroes in 2011.

In 2015, Ron moved to CATRAC full time and is now able to devote his whole attention to assisting healthcare across all disciplines in their emergency preparedness and response planning Texas Region.