Vintage Radio : 10-11AM : Lonestar II & III

John Firey W5ZG will present a photo tour of historic aircraft from museums and shows around the world, including Duxford England, Normandy, France, and Darwin, Australia.  An emphasis on the radio gear used in these historic planes will be featured, as well as pieces from private collections.  John has participated in aircraft restoration projects in the past.


W5ZGJohn's career was related to aircraft and satellite reconnaissance between 1981-1997. Since then he has been designing simulation / visualization systems.

Previous calls: WN5HRI (in 1972), WB5HRI

His primary interests: Collecting and restoring vintage and historic tube/valve type gear, particularly Collins. Also likes restoring large Henry console amplifiers, VHF/UHF weak signal propogation: 50 - 432 MHz, HF DXing: Mostly low band CW 160 Meter contests, 6 Meter and VHF contests, QRP and VHF homebrewing, overseas travel with portable/backpack operating.

His interests also include antique / classic automobiles, and Edison cylinder phonographs.