QRP Forum : 1-3pm : Lone Star I



 Charley Hill, W5BAA: will describe a project wherein he implemented an APRS Beacon operating on 2 meters to measure position, altitude and air temperature. 

The beacon was installed in a glider and the data was received by a ground based APRS station.

The ground based APRS station uses a generic FM transceiver module integrated with an STM32F469I Discovery board for data processing, display and storage on an SD card.

The actual equipment will be displayed.


Steve Sparks, WK5S: will have some 20 or so slides on the "Morse Code Trainer" that Kees Talen, K5BCQ previewed at Austin Summerfest 2017 and later introduced to the general public.

He will describe its different options, how it works and why it is the best keyer in the industry.