ARES Forum : 8-9AM : Salon A-B-C


Jeff Walter KE5FGA, South Texas Section Emergency Coordinator, hosts a session on Emergency Communications.


 Hams around the world are now building radio-based high speed digital mesh networks across their cities using microwave technologies and low-cost commercial hardware adapted for Amateur Radio use. AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) provides flexible, high-speed wireless communications that can be adapted to varying terrain types, can be rapidly deployed, are fun to build and use, and are particularly well suited to the EmComm needs of many served agencies.  Darryl Quinn, K5DLQ, of the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) Project, will be speaking on how to build an effective AuxComm/EmComm, high-speed data network based on Ubiquiti airMAX and TP-Link products and the AREDN Project’s firmware.  Darryl will describe the use of AREDN in Montgomery County with a potential of supporting ICS relationships with EOCs, ARES, RACES, and Red Cross.  He will also discuss critical network services/applications that can be used in order to make the network useful to Incident Commanders and responders.




Jeff Walter KE5FGA