Broadband-HamnetTM IAEM2013 GLOBALaward Trimmed

Introduction to BBHN 8-9AM : Lone Star II & III



As seen in July 2013 QST, the award-winning Broadband-HamnetTM  project will be at Austin Summerfest again this year.

Saturday, we will have Introduction to BBHN by Jim Kinter K5KTF.


Broadband-HamnetTM is the original amateur-radio-broadband-networking-over-microwaves, and started right here in Austin in 2006, with the project really taking off in 2010 when the current website was brought online. 7 years of ham radio networking in the microwaves !  Dont be fooled by imitations!



The Introduction presentation will cover the basics of getting started with mesh networking in Amateur Radio, where to find hardware, how to setup, path profiling with microwaves, etc.




Jim Kinter K5KTF

K5KTF-WCCCJim was first licensed in June of 2008, achieving Extra in November 2010. A member of Williamson and Travis County ARES, he is the BBHN AEC for WC ARES. Jim got interested in Broadband-HamnetTM after talking about the project with Glenn KD5MFW in December 2009. Being a computer and networking geek, (Owner of Leander Computing and I.T. Administrator at Firefly Space Systems), it was a natural attraction, and from there Jim learned from 'the pro's' about microwave Broadband-HamnetTM networking. He graciously hosts and writes articles for the project's web site Last but certainly not least, he is the webmaster of the Austin Summerfest website, helping to inform the Ham community about this great event !