Additional Parking Next Door

All areas outlined in green are free to use on Saturday. The Tailgate area marked in red is for tailgaters only. Note the R in pink - That is the main registration area inside the hotel (where you want to go when you arrive).
PLEASE respect our hosts and do not leave any items or trash in these parking lots.
There are additional parking spots available for Saturday ONLY (click map to enlarge) just to the East of the Crowne Plaza Hotel but to get to it you have to drive around the block or come in from the east on US290  At the TMPA building, the first 5 spaces just before the flag pole are reserved for the folks that work in the building - note the area marked in red. The rest of the lot is free to use. 
If using the overflow parking, please print out and place THIS SIGN on your dash to avoid any possibility of being towed
This parking area is fenced off from the hotel so you will have to walk to the East and then walk behind the Sterling Event Center (former  Chinese  restaurant) to get to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Even with that it is still closer than the far corner of the hotel parking lot.

around block

We have permission to park in the parking lot of the Sterling Event Center (former Chinese restaraunt) next door on SATURDAY ONLY. To get to the extra areas from IH-35, you will need to go north past the hotel, take your next right East on La Posada, and then a right again to come South on La Calma.


We highly recommend that local residents carpool when possible, and use the overflow parking on Saturday morning only to allow our out-of-town visitors to be able to park in the hotel spots.